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QSC K-Cardiod-SUB

Subwoofer attivo 2000W – Woofer 2×12″ cardioide

Product code: K-CARDIO-SUB
2/5 working days

The K Cardioid Subwoofer represents the world’s first-in-class single-box powered cardioid subwoofer solution for highly portable entertainment and installation applications. 

Typically, subwoofers radiate sound equally in all directions, resulting in troublesome, unwanted low-frequency build-up on stage as well as undesired, wasted LF energy at the rear of the system.

In more recent years, concert sound providers have been able to create cardioid (heart-shaped) coverage of their subwoofer arrays through some clever manipulation of placement, delay and polarity, redirecting desired LF energy forward and minimizing energy at the sides and rear.

Unfortunately, this technique is costly and requires multiple enclosures, amplifiers and processors.

Powered by a 1,000 Watt Class D amplifier, processed with the latest DSP technology, and featuring dual 12-inch long excursion drivers, each arranged in a 6th order bandpass chamber, these elements all combine seamlessly to produce a staggering 15 dB more output at the front of the cabinet than at the rear.

Highly portable, the cabinet features comfortable, aluminum handles and four, rear-mounted casters.

Two M20 sockets are provided to accept a 35mm speaker pole in either vertical or horizontal deployment of the sub.

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