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RCF ND 940

Driver 1.4", 140 W RMS, 8 Ω 4" coil. – Spedizione GRATIS!

Product code: ND940
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The ND940 is a ultra compact size, high performance, high power handling 4.0-inch diaphragm compression driver with a 1.4 inch exit throat.

A thin copper ring is precision pressed on to the pole piece in order to modify and lower the inductance characteristics of the magnetic circuit and voice coil providing a controlled extension of the acoustic frequency response.

The voice coil assembly is designed using a high strength, high temperature Kapton® voice coil former and edge wound copper clad aluminium wire directly joined to the diaphragm by RCF proprietary Direct Drive kapton technology.

The ND940 features a 4-slot, optimised geometry, phase plug design.

Extended computer assisted mathematical modelling and testing has resulted in a geometry that provides a balanced acoustic performance controlling and lowering air distortion and maximizing output.




  • Exit Throat Diameter:35.5mm / 1.4"
  • Rated Impedance:8 Ω
  • Power handling capacity continuous program1:280 W AES
  • Power handling capacity AES2:140 W AES
  • Sensitivity:110 dB
  • Frequency Range:500 Hz ÷ 20000 Hz
  • Diaphragm Material:Pure titanium
  • Suspension Material:Polyester
  • Suspension Design:Falt
  • Minimum Impedance:(at 3.5kHz) 8.5 Ω
  • Voice Coil Diameter:100 / 4.0 mm/inch
  • Voice Coil Material:Edgewound aluminium
  • Voice Coil Former Design:Direct Drive Kapton
  • Number of layers:1 - outside
  • BL Factor:16 T · m
  • Flux Density:1.9 T
  • Phase Plug Design:4 slots
  • Phase Plug Material:Aluminium
  • Magnetics:Neodymium
  • Voice Coil Demodulation:Copper ring
  • Overall diameter:140mm
  • Overall height:54mm
  • Mounting 4 × 5 mm holes at 90°:101.6mm
  • Net weight:3 kg
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